English-American Granny Gardeners to the Rescue

Keeping Exeter Pretty

Dig Those Weeds

One hot day in September, Barb and I decided to weed and dig up a small patch of land very overgrown on the corner of Front and Winter St in Exeter. It was in an awful mess 6 ft high weeds and crabgrass with a life of it’s own, it did seem like a small patch until we started digging, the black weedmat made it tough going, Barb and I were soon sweating (GLISTENING) and getting very hot. A young Lady rode by on her Bike and offered to help, which was so great, she was such a big help.

Help At Last

We had huge piles of weeds all over the place, Barb saw a Town Truck and asked the chap for help, within 5 minutes two Town trucks pulled up, they picked up the piles then watched us as we kept on digging, two Grannies still digging!!!!!!  A sign on this patch announced Exeter as Revolutionary Capitol, another Parks and Recreation, this  little garden did not look very welcoming  at all, we worked for three hours, hot and tired at the end, but very proud of all the work.  The young lady, a newcomer to Exeter was offered a job, and Barb and I also!!!!!!! We were Gobsmacked.  We have noted other places in Town that need help but we are both tired, Barb is going on vacation and I am taking a long nap in my cozy chair.


This could be a great spot that would benefit from a Mini Grant.

By  Lynda

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2 thoughts on “English-American Granny Gardeners to the Rescue

  1. I think you are right, Lynda! I was taking my Sam over to play group at Barking Dog that day, and I saw Barb digging away. Had traffic behind me so I couldn’t stop.

    What a very nice gesture on your parts!


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