Digging Up Our Past

Old Scrap Page

1947 Scrap Book Page

Our Historian, Rhonda has been digging though mountains of dusty files, notebooks and boxes tying to research the beginning of our club. The hard to find answer to exactly when our club started is proving a tad illusive. So far the oldest document that has been found is the proposed constitution that was voted upon at a regular meeting of the Exeter Garden Club in 1935. The proposed dues were to be $1 for active members. Guests were allowed in for 25ยข. One of the earliest meetings featured a lecture on dish gardening.

There is a very cool scrapbook from 1947 that has newspaper clippings and old pictures from the time. The scrap book covers several garden clubs in New Hampshire.

As Rhonda uncovers more tidbits and artifacts she will reveal more interesting stories about our roots.

A Rival Club Wins a Prize!

Exeter Garden Club Wins 2nd Prize for flower arranging at the 1948 Garden Show which was hosted by the Kingston Newton Garden Club

NH Garden Club Members at a Flower Show!

Various NH Garden Club Members Win Prizes for the first Measured Mile Roadside Improvement Contest 1948


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  1. Fantastic! What a lot of work you are doing. I hope there is a lot you can get clear out without guilt.When you get to the 50’s I might recognize some of the names of members. My family moved to Exeter in 1950 so…. Not sure if that would be helpful or not.

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