Decorate With Spider Webs

The Silly Season is the perfect excuse to get crafting.

All that glitter, bright colors – who could resist?

I made it myself!

The Environment & Conservation Committee presented a display about spiders for the October meeting. Most fitting! They even included a packet with ideas for Halloween Decorations using spiders. I suspect Betsy had a hand in this. Included was an instruction sheet to make a fold & cut web. All you need is a piece of paper and scissors. Perfect for the kids and grand kids.

I can do this, I thought to myself and so I did! See the results. I added a metal fly “victim” I had for drama, but was missing the spider. My husband found a very alive one in the house and put him in the middle. I suspect the spider was quite put out about the whole thing.

Ready for his close up! Notice that a second one came along for the ride. I think that poor little guy was lunch.

Don’t worry – NO SPIDERS WERE HARMED (by us) in this exercise.


from Max

Here are the instructions so you can make your own!

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2 thoughts on “Decorate With Spider Webs

  1. Which is the ‘alive’ one – the little brown one or the big black one? The little one looks a little the worse for wear. I may have to report this to the humane society.

  2. The big one silly! As I mentioned, I think the little one was the entree. He took off right after the photo shoot. Guess I’ll be finding webs in my living room in the next day or so.

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