Colorado Potato Beetle

I have found these nasty bugs mating on my tomatillos already this year!!  If you are seeing holes in the leaves of your eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, and other nightshade family plants, look closely for these bugs. They will devastate your plants quickly!!

Fortunately there have not been many yet and I have been able to catch and squish all of them (they try to hide under the leaves–not a bright bug since they could easily fly away).  I used to be squeamish about squashing bugs, but this is war.  So I wear my gardening gloves and just give them a squeeze.  Simple.  But I just read in Fine Gardening that you can also use one part baby powder and one part flour and dust the leaves with the mixture.  The beetles ingest this and it supposedly dries up their insides…not sure if that is a better way to go but it would take less time than squishing them one by one…and it is also organic which is alot better than adding chemicals to my plants.  I am going to give it a try!

 ~ from Patti

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One thought on “Colorado Potato Beetle

  1. I have nightshade growing in the back of my yard. I’m undecided whether to pull the nightshade to discourage the beetle from coming to my yard or leaving it so they eat the nightshade instead of my veggies. Most of my neighbors have nightshade thriving in their beds. Any thoughts?

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