Caring For Your Amaryllis

These beautiful plants are pretty easy to grow and get blooming if you have a quality bulb. They can last more than one season if you treat them right.

Terri has sent us a couple of links that will demystify the growing of amaryllis plants. One is a link from Dave’s Garden that tells you how to care for them.

The second is from the National Arboretum which is all about getting them to rebloom.

The web master loves these flowers and has a couple that she is trying to grow right now. So far they are just stubs! Better read up!

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One thought on “Caring For Your Amaryllis

  1. This is great. I have had a little success getting mine to rebloom – OK, 2 out of 6. But it really does matter that they are repoted in new soil and are cooled. but sometimes they just give up the ghost and shrink to half their size. Then they usually join the compost pile. I have never had any little bulblets grow large enough to bloom.

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