Maurading Bishop’s Weed

It looks nice enough……

This plant has no manners. It does not want to share. It wants space in your garden. All of it. The Boston Globe has an amusing article about one gardener’s  battle with this less than holy weed. Here is a link to the story –  The Invasion of the Garden Snatcher.

A couple of fun facts – did you know you can eat it? It is a Russian food crop and apparently an Indian aphrodisiac. Anything that is an aphrodisiac can’t be all bad.

Personally, I am torturing mine. Serves it right. I bought it somewhere when I was young and naive because it was pretty. It is in a wooded,  shady area. It has held on for years, but not thriving (although I did notice it creeping out of its original planting site this morning). The Pachysandra likes it there, though.

Happy Gardening, Max

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