Best Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Ever!

Meet the Kakai Pumpkin

I bought one of these beauties at the Scammam Pumpkin Patch last year as a decoration for Halloween. They told me when I bought it that the seeds were very good roasted. When I carved it, I saved the seeds and did just that. The were wicked good – the best I have ever eaten.

This pumpkin originates in Austria and has very dark green and bright orange stripes. The are grown primarily for their hull-less seeds. When buying a Kakai, select a large one, with an eye to the amount of seeds it might contain rather than flesh. They’ll feel light for their size, and should average in the five to eight pound range. The seeds are equally delicious raw or roasted, and can be used in any place you would something nutty or want a bit of crunch, say as a garnish for soup or salad, or in a pesto. To roast them as I did, check out this recipe – Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.

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Watch this video to learn about growing your own Kakai Pumpkins.


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