Bats Have Leaves & Leaves Have Bats!

OH MY! Mother Nature is decorating for Halloween!

There are several species of bats that are known as leaf-nosed, but I bet you’ve never seen a bat on a leaf! Rhonda has a friend who gave her a leaf with a picture of a bat on it. How fun is that?!

It is a bit of a mystery!

Rhonda is not sure what kind of tree it came from, nor were the folks she asked. Can anyone identify this leaf? It looks a bit like a chokecherry leaf, but we’re not sure. Check Leafsnap Website to see if you can identify it. Comment on this post with your answer!

Reported by Rhonda C.

Look close – you will see a tiny leaf shape protruding from this little guy’s nose. That why he is a Leaf-Nosed Bat!

What the heck kind of leaf has a bat on it?

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