The Traveling Cactus & Succulent Plant Show

Art Scarpa & His Thorny Friend, Euphorbia Millii (Crown of Thorns)

At the January 2010 meeting, the featured speaker was Art Scarpa. He is an expert on the care and feeding of all things Cacti. It was a fun and educational presentation with many wonderful demo plants to learn about.

Art brought a fine selection of cacti and succulents for members to make their own container gardens. It made a mess, but what fun! I still have mine because I was able to winter it over successfully after he explained the proper way to do it. (Hint – Leave it outdoors in a sheltered place like a covered deck. Don’t water it.)

Art has been growing cacti and succulents since he was a boy. His greenhouse in Reading, MA, is home to thousands of plants from all over the world. He has won numerous prizes for his flower show entries, including the New England Flower Show, over many years. Art is also a show judge certified by the Cactus & Succulent Society of America and has judged at flower shows in Boston, Philadelphia, Worcester and Newport as well as at many Cactus and Succulent shows all over the USA. Art is the one of the founders of the Cactus and Succulent Society of Massachusetts. Be sure to click on and visit his site.

We hope to see Art again soon!

By Max,  Photos courtesy of Terri РAll photos ©Terri Donsker.

Check out Terri’s the snaps from the presentation:

Sansevieria Pinguicula – Terri’s Favorite


Lithops (Living Rocks) Dish Garden





Very Interesting Specimens

Cactus Root Ball

Use a smaller pot to tamp the soil around the outside of where the re-potted cactus is to go

Art shows off his beauties

Using foam to protect your hands from hurtful thorns


Helping to bring in the plants

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