Are Your Impatiens Dying?

Nance went to Churchills the other day and was told that they will NOT be selling Impatiens this year because of the Downy Mildew disease. The same thing will happen if you replant impatiens in the same spot this year because Downy Mildew is still lurking in the soil. They suggest using Begonia, Coleus, Sunpatiens or New Guinea Impatiens instead.

Read this article, a re-post from last August, to learn more about Downy Mildew.

Our Buddha Loves His Impatiens

Our Buddha Loves His Impatiens

There is a tragic loss of impatiens occurring world wide due to a disease known as Downy Mildew. I noticed that the Boston Globe reported this happening in Massachusetts a week ago.

 I visited with my brother-in-law from Marlboro, MA this weekend and he told me that all of his beautiful beds of impatiens are dying overnight where they had thrived for many years. The only good news is that this disease is specific to common impatiens, so other plants, including New Guinea impatiens, are not affected.

I have not noticed this in my yard, but fear that given enough time, the disease will creep up from the south. Once a bed has been devastated, impatiens can not be replanted in that location ever again. So sad. I have a lot of shade in my yard, so this news is bumming me out!

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Watch the video to see more about Downy Mildew.



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  1. A friend of mine in Hampton Falls tells me that he and his neighbor just had to pull out out of their impatiens, so I guess the mildew is in NH after all. The spores are air borne, so I guess the winds have not made it to my yard yet.

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