Annual Plant Auction

Sold to the Highest Bidder!

The annual plant auction was a big success and fun was had by all. As usual, Becky did a great job as auctioneer and raised a lot of money for the club. Thank you members for your generosity in plant donations. Thanks also to Churchill’s for donating herbs and vegetables to the auction. The chefs at The Portsmouth Country Club prepared a delicious meal for us. Our new officers were installed, a raffle was held and Helen was honored. See the related post on Helen. Here are some snaps of the big event.

The Auctioneer Struts Her Stuff!

Herbs Donated by Churchill’s

Auction Revelers

Looking Over the Goods

Member Donations

The Beautiful Centerpieces Were Also Auctioned Off

Installing the President and Treasurer

Super Bargain on Heirloom Iris Tubers

Man, Are These Are Going to Look Good in Our Yards!

Patriotic 4th of July Offering

Evening Primroses & Other Plants For Auction

It Was a Good Day


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