Annual Audubon Winter Bird Survey

We love the birds! Don’t you?

Winter BirdsWe all want birds to visit our gardens and yards, so here is a chance to help keep them coming. NH Audubon does a Backyard Winter Bird Survey every February. This year, it is on February 9 & 10. You do not have to be a member to participate and it would be a fun and interesting winter pastime.

Go to the NH Audubon website  download the reporting form. The form has instructions on how to measure the number of birds you see. Fill it out and mail it back so they can see if the bird populations are changing or staying steady.

from Betsy, Environment & Conservation Committee

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2 thoughts on “Annual Audubon Winter Bird Survey

    • I provided the link directly to the Audubon survey reporting form – see the underlined, blue colored link in the story. Betsy supplied the link to the Audubon Home page in her comment. Being the dummy that I can sometimes be, I had trouble finding the survey from their home page, so I found a more direct route!
      Don’t forget that anything colored and underlined in a story is a link to another page or website!

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