A Fungus Amungus…

My plants are loving the rain and heat these early summer days, and I don’t mind not having to water every day, BUT it might be a little too much when my front lawn suddenly sprouts a thousand little white mushrooms!


When I first saw it this morning out of the window I thought the clover flowers had gone crazy, but then I got a closer look!  And this is not a shaded area, it gets full, hot sun all day…What the heck?!  Patti

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5 thoughts on “A Fungus Amungus…

  1. I think it’s cute — your yard looks like a fairy garden. All that’s missing are the little fairies hiding behind the mushrooms! (Have you sauteed any yet?)

  2. Something is decaying in your grassy area. And those little cute mushrooms are loving it. Wonder if my slime will be back this year? I bet after tomorrow we will all have tons of mushrooms.

  3. hi all
    yes I’ve seen these If they are tall & white I warn you
    when my dog ate them she got very sick
    they are poisonous use caution
    the vet said to pull them out using a plastic bag
    I’m just sharing info
    Best to you,

  4. glad to know I am not the only one! it did look like fairy garden, but they were so thin it wasn’t worth sautéing them (especially after Sukey’s comment)…. here is a weird update: by yesterday afternoon they had all turned brown and shrunk back down! Could be all that compost I put down last year, or the organic fertilizer, it was kind of cute while it lasted!

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