A Floral Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, With All My Love,


Hoys curtisiiToday I would like to introduce you to a floral valentine: Hoya curtisii.
Everyone is familiar with the waxy flowers and trailing vines of the popular “wax plant,” Hoya carnosa. But this “million hearts” pendulant beauty proffers long, graceful stems adorned with hundreds of diminutive, jewel-like, heart-shaped leaves; each variegation hand-painted by Nature. The pearly, vanilla-scented flowers are the “jewel in the crown” of this smallest Hoya.
Hoya curtisii is a low-growing, epiphytic plant, native to Thailand and the Philippines. It is slow-growing, but once established, is fairly easy to care for. Mine is near a west-facing window, where it gets good indirect light for most of the day. Because it is an understory plant, H. curtisii should not get strong, direct light. It is somewhat drought tolerant, but do water when soil is dry to the touch. Like other Hoyas, it can be grown by rooted cuttings. Be patient.

Enjoy Flora’s Darling Little Valentine.

Terri Donsker



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