Unsual Heirloom Squash


If you have a vegetable garden and love to try growing unusual, old fashioned varieties of veggies, you need to visit this wonderful online site from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They sell all kinds of old time seeds for flowers, fruits and vegetables. The site is nice because it also has interesting articles about heirloom plants, recipes and customer reviews. It is fun to see what experiences others have had with the various species.

I am a sucker for cool looking squashes, so here is a sampling of some of their offerings.

Black Futsu Squash

The black fruit of this rare Japanese variety  will turn a rich chestnut color in storage. Its flesh is golden color and has the rich taste of hazelnuts. They would look great on the porch as a Halloween decoration too.

Red Warty Thing Squash

These big glowing, oblong globes are a glowing, brilliant orange-red and covered with fantastic bumps! Don’t you love it, warts & all? Also, best name ever! Another autumn beauty fit for Halloween display.


Crookneck Squash

This is a sentimental favorite for me. When I was a kid, my Grandfather had a wonderful vegetable garden in Alabama where he lived. He always grew this type of squash, which was very tasty – much better than those ubiquitous yellow squash you see in the summer with their straight necks and smooth skin.


Grown in South America, the fruit are brilliant, flaming red and about 2 feet long. They have bright orange flesh that is sweet and is used in drinks, jellies and other desserts, it has a unique tropical fruit taste.

Bule Gourd

A rare French heirloom that is shaped like a green apple that is covered in warts. Have some fun with the kids and put one in their lunch bag.

I wish I had sun in my yard. I would love to try growing these squash! Can you tell I’m into spooky, warty things?

 from Max

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