Two Exotics For Your Consideration

Sometimes a thing is exotic because of its rarity or because of its departure from the norm. Here are a couple of interesting examples that members of the Horticulture Committee have found.

The Medlar Tree

Medlar Fruit

Fruit of the Medlar Tree

Becky suggests that a Medlar Tree is would be a perfect addition to your yard. It is rarely grown around here for some reason. Pity – they are very pretty trees. It even has fruit that you can eat, but needs special handling to do so. Basically the fruit must be rotten because that is when it produces sugar and a more intense flavor.  After baking the rotten fruit for a quarter of an hour, the flesh can be scooped out with a spoon. It goes well with a nice glass of port.

To learn more about this fascinating tree, check the Gardinesta website link provided by Becky.

The Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia

Terry found us some information about showy and beautiful dahlias. While they come in many lovely bright colors, the Black Dahlia is rare. Like most “black” flowers, it is not truly black, but a deep redish purple that looks the part. This flower is infamous because of its link to a rather grizzly murder of a Holllywood starlet back in 1947. The victim of this unsolved crime was given the nickname “The Black Dahlia” by the tabloids.

To learn how the black flower gets its color, go to the Live Science website. Terry sent us this link to The Blue Kimono website which has a history of dahlias.

If murder is your game, look for “The Black Dahlia” on the web!

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