Movie Update!

The movie about Celia Thaxter’s Victorian garden on Appledore Island is a GO!

All the funds needed to make it have been raised! And we are a part of it! The movie should be completed this fall. We can hardly wait to see it. The club will get a film credit and everything! Go to movie maker Peter Randall’s website to see Celia and her cottage and the garden.

Here are some shots of this year’s plants being taken over to the island for planting. Folks moved 1600 plants from the UNH greenhouse to the John M Kingsbury and on to Appledore where the flowers were planted. Many of the plants were already blooming and they will all burst forth once planted and bathed in sunshine. The photos below show the plants being loaded on the boat and a group of plants along the vessel’s rail. (Pictures courtesy of Peter Randall.)

Appledore Garden1

Appledore Garden 2

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