Website Chairperson


The Website Chairperson will chair the Website committee.  The Exeter Area Garden Club website committee maintains and updates the website as needed.  This includes having knowledge of how the website works; applying updates when WordPress (the product used to build the website) or any other Plug-ins (for additional website functionality) send notification of changes; checking that links are working properly; changing the header and background so the website has a fresh look; assisting members when they have problems with the site; making sure the quality and security of the website is maintained; making sure the membership pages and information remain secure and up to date; keeping the events calendar up to date and working with the Website committee members to come up with fresh ideas for the site and make sure the work is shared; reviewing and deleting any SPAM that the Askismet Plug-in on the site detects; ; acting on any notifications from GoDaddy or WordPress (there is an administrative email account that receives these,; arranging for the payment of fees for the website domain name and hosting; making sure all fees are payed to GoDaddy, which is the web hosting account; posting minutes of the general meetings when available; and forwarding email messages and website updates to the general membership on behalf of the club.

In addition, the Website committee works with the club mailbox,  This includes sending an email and link to the club members each time a new post is added; keeping the three mailing list groups up to date, club members, board members and members who do not wish to receive emails; and regularly checking for messages sent to the club via the website and responding to them or forwarding them to the appropriate person. 

The chair is expected to attend as many board meetings as possible during the club year.  The Website budget is set in agreement between the board and the chair.


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