Membership Chairperson

The Membership Committee Chairperson maintains a database of all members and provides updated information to the yearbook chairperson before fall publication.  The membership chair keeps a record of each member’s date of joining the EAGC, makes applications available for prospective members, informs the board as new members join, and welcomes new members at the general meeting.  The chair advises the corresponding secretary of new members for the issuance of a letter of welcome. The chairperson adds new members to the distribution list on the website when they join; updates current members’ personal information online; and maintains the EAGC email account for changes in membership status, additions and deletions.  The chair provides each new member with a copy of the bylaws and a current yearbook.  At general meetings, the chair or a committee member welcomes all attendees, has name tags available for guests and members and collects them at the end of the meeting.  The chairperson displays members’ birthdays at the refreshment table at general meetings.  

The chair is expected to attend as many board meetings as possible during the club year.  The Membership committee budget is set by agreement between the board and the chair.








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