Hospitality Chairperson

The Hospitality Committee Chairperson is responsible for providing a host or hostess for all general meetings and for maintaining the hospitality equipment, which is presently stored in the kitchen of the Stratham Municipal Building.  The chairperson heads the committee for the annual meeting luncheon and auction in June. 

Responsibilities for the general meetings include: circulating a sign-up sheet for the monthly coordinators and team in April and May for the following year; supplying the list to the Yearbook chairperson; calling the monthly coordinator two weeks ahead of the meeting as a reminder; and making sure the equipment and supplies are sufficient.  After the last general meeting in May, it is a good idea to restock the container of supplies and vinegar wash the coffee and tea pots.

Responsibilities for the June luncheon and plant auction include; contacting the facility and signing a contract for the luncheon in January; requesting a deposit check be sent by the treasurer; selecting the luncheon menu and table linens in April; sending out a notice of the luncheon and sign-up sheet, including price and address to send checks in May; setting a deadline and keeping a count of attendees; and coordinating with the facility manager one week ahead of the luncheon to give a headcount.  The hospitality committee selects an auctioneer for the plant auction.  The chairperson and committee members create a number of centerpieces equal to the number of tables at the luncheon.  The June luncheon and plant auction is one of the largest fundraisers for the club, so generating revenue is an important part of the day. 

The chair is expected to attend as many board meetings as possible during the club year.  The Hospitality budget is set by agreement between the board and the chair.

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