Club Committee Information

All club members are expected to participate on a committee. Here is the list of the Club’s committees including descriptions. When you apply for membership, you will be asked to pick those you wish to join.


The Awards committee explores various public gardens in our area and selects those that may be worthy of an Exeter Area Garden Club Award.  Each year awards may be given in two specific categories:  residential gardens and civic beautification.  The committee looks for texture, color and gardens that bloom in all three seasons with an aesthetic appearance.

Civic Beautification

The CB committee designs, plants and maintains the Exeter Bandstand and Stratham Memorial Veterans’ Garden. To this purpose, the committee recruits members to maintain these gardens during the growing season. We also provide holiday greens and decorations at the Exeter Historical Society, along with other civic projects in our communities.  Please join us in beautifying our towns.


The Design committee members plan, assist and manage design classes for all members, including providing tips and techniques and, as required, purchasing supplies for each project.  Members of this committee also help the club with planning ideas for holiday arrangements.

Environment & Conservation

The E & C committee members discover ways to make our gardens better by providing information on improving local soils, using non-invasive plants and products that do not harm the earth. The committee is also interested in the wildlife that surrounds us and loves our gardens.  It also keeps the membership informed regarding recycling and the reuse and conservation of resources.  We present a display at each meeting, hold a “swap shop” each spring, and offer a mini-grant program funded by the EAGC which offers small grants to individuals and groups interested in maintaining publicly viewed gardens in the local area. The E&C Committee also awards small scholarships for local students interested in horticulture or conservation. Come and join us and have fun too!


Our committee helps educate EAGC membership on how to grow and use herbs and spices.  At our monthly general meetings, our committee members take a turn providing an informational display on their chosen herb/ spice.  The display highlights the culture and uses of that particular herb/spice and, typically, a tasty treat is provided that uses that herb/spice..  We also plan the annual holiday luncheon.  We’d love to have new members join our committee and bring new ideas to our efforts.

Horticulture Committee

This committee provides information to our membership, as well as serving as a reference on landscaping, plant identification and plant care.  Committee members coordinate the end-of-the year plant auction.

Hospitality Committee

This committee assures that monthly meetings run smoothly by recruiting for hospitality coordinators and teams to provide and display refreshments at each meeting.  Its committee members set up the room for general meetings and clean up after the meetings.  The committee also plans the annual luncheon in June.


This committee is responsible for coordinating new membership and renewal membership registration.  It distributes name tags at each general meeting and greets new members and guests, providing materials and information to help orient new members to the club.  It also maintains the membership list on our website, including data about each member and disseminates this information to the EAGC membership.


This committee nominates and presents to the membership a slate of proposed officers for election to serve in the coming year.


The Program committee plans the program for each meeting, contacts potential speakers, and coordinates with them prior to the meeting.

Public Relations

The PR committee members promote upcoming meetings and/or past activities of the EAGC to the public by contacting newspapers, radio and TV stations with publicity articles and photos of the club.

Ways & Means

W&M members promote and manage fundraising activities for the club including our ongoing PROMISE TREE  program that was developed on 2011 where the general membership has the of opportunity to purchase items, attend special food events, etc!  All items and events for sale are donated by members to benefit the club.


This committee is responsible for the care and updating of the club website.  In addition to site maintenance and member support, content providers are welcome as part of the committee. In other words, you can participate in this committee by being reporter/photographer or a maintainer for the best garden club website in New Hampshire.


This committee prepares the annual yearbook for members.  The yearbook contains basic club and member information.