Club Committee Information

All club members are expected to participate on a committee. Here is the list of them and their descriptions. When you apply for membership, you will be asked to pick those you wish to join.


Explores various public gardens in the area and selects those that may be worthy of an Exeter Area Garden Club Award. Awards may be given in two specific categories; residential gardens and civic beautification. The committee looks for texture, color and gardens that bloom in all three seasons with an aesthetic appearance. Suggestions for an award are welcomed by the committee. Award recipients are requested to attend the award ceremony which is usually in the fall season of each year.

Civic Beautification

Maintains the plantings around the Exeter Bandstand and Stratham Memorial Veterans’ Garden, provides holiday greens and decorations on certain public buildings in the area, and performs other civic projects.


Are you happy with your flower arrangements? Or do you think that something is missing? Would you like to make a special holiday centerpiece for your dining room? Do you want to decorate your door for spring? Come to a design class to learn tips and techniques and enjoy the company of fellow club members and guests. Choose floral materials to compliment your color scheme and create something you can be proud of!

Environment & Conservation

The Environment & Conservation Committee discovers ways to make our gardens better by improving local soils and by using non-invasive plants and products that do not harm the earth. The committee is also interested in the wildlife that surrounds us and loves our gardens. Recycling and the reuse and conservation of resources are also important.  The committee presents a display at each meeting, holds a “swap shop” each spring, and has developed a mini-grant program funded by the EAGC which offers small grants to individuals and groups interested in maintaining publicly viewed gardens in the local area. The E&C Committee has also awarded small scholarships for local students interested in horticulture or conservation.  All this and we find time to have FUN too! Check out our MINI-GRANT PROGRAM.


And spices too! Our committee helps to educate EAGC members how to grow and use herbs and spices. At each meeting, our committee members take a turn providing an informational display that highlights a particular herb (or spice).  We try to plan at several herb field trips or workshops every year. This committee also plans the annual holiday luncheon.  We would love to have new members join our committee and bring new ideas to our efforts!


Helps to inform and educate our membership on issues concerning horticulture.  This committee coordinates the end of year plant auction.


Sets up facilities for each meeting, helps with refreshments and cleans up at the end of each meeting. Check out our HOSPITALITY GUIDELINES.


Responsible for coordinating new member registration, distributing the name tags at each meeting, greeting new members and guests, and providing materials and information to help orient new members to the club.


Presents to the membership a slate of proposed officers for election to serve in the coming year.


Plans the programs for each meeting, contacts potential speakers, and coordinates with them prior to the meeting.

Public Relations

Takes photos of meetings, contacts newspapers, radio and TV stations with publicity regarding upcoming meetings, or covering past meetings and activities of the club.

Ways & Means

Develops and runs money-raising activities for the club. Check out our ongoing PROMISE TREE fundraising program that was developed on 2011.  Lots of opportunities to purchase items, attend special food events, etc!


This committee is responsible for the care and feeding of the club website. If you enjoy working with a computer and/or have some basic computer skills and would like to learn what makes a website tick, we would love to have you on our committee. If you have ever wanted to work on a magazine, here’s your chance! In addition to site maintenance and member support, content providers are are welcome as part of the committee. In other words, you can be a reporter/photographer for the best garden club website in New Hampshire.


Produces the annual yearbook for members which contains basic club information for members including a list of programs and membership list. 

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