How To Use Your New Website

New to all this Technology?

If you are not familiar with using a website, this guide will help you to get started. Think of the website as an online magazine. YOUR MAGAZINE! Content is presented in two ways – on Pages and Posts.

Pages are always available and reached by clicking a topic on the website Menu Bar. It goes across the page just below the Exeter Area Garden Club Header. Each item in the Menu Bar is a page (or series of pages) that you can visit. All you have to do is click on one and the page will open. 

Menu Bar

Main Menu Bar

Open Page Menu

Menu Bar Page Content Display

If you hover (don’t click) the little hand icon over a Menu Bar item, it will display a list of additional pages that are attached to the item. You can click on any page you like or go to the main page (by clicking the menu item) which will allow you to also pick for a list of attached pages. The example to the left came up because the user hovered on Members Only, then moved the hand to Recipe Box, then moved the hand to Appetizers & Snacks when the Recipe Box contents were listed. When the last move was done, the list of appetizers appeared.

If this is too confusing, just chick on the menu item and the pages which open will get you to the same place.

When you click on the Garden Talk page, daily articles will come up. These are called Posts. The most current Post is always shown first. Scrolling down the post will reveal that the latest 5 posts are on the page.

How do I find articles that interest me?

There are many ways to explore the content of our website. Go to Garden Talk or some of the other pages and you will see a column to the right of the content. This is known as a Side Bar. All of the searching tools are in this side bar. It is found on every page except for Home and Events Calendar.

Search Box

Search Box

The Search Box is by far the most powerful searching tool. It is located at the top of the Side Bar. To find content on posts and pages type in a word, such as “flower” and click the little magnifying glass icon. The search will bring up all the posts and pages that contain the word “flower” to the left of the Side Bar. Click on the title of the page or post you wish to see.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You can also pick topics from Garden Talk Post Contents which is a Table of Contents located in the Side Bar. Click on a topic and it will bring up all the posts (sorry, no pages) in that category. The numbers tell you how many posts there are for a topic.



Recent Posts

Recent Posts List

Recent Posts is a list by title of the last 5 articles posted. Click on any title to get the post.

Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud

You can also search for post topics by clicking on commonly used words and terms in the “Click a word to find related posts” section. This is found after the Pinterest Logo. It is called the tag cloud and searches for keywords that are associated with articles. This is a good way to explore if you are not sure what you are looking for. It also puts a bug in you ear as to what is out there. For instance, did you know there are articles about poison? Just click the word and it will bring up all the posts about that topic. The larger the word font, the more articles there are. As you can see there are many “DIY” posts.





The Archives list groups posts by month. It comes after the Tag Cloud in the Side Bar. Click the arrow box and a list of months will appear. Click on a month to see all the articles posted in that time frame. The numbers tell you how many there are in the month.


Can I Go To Other Websites?

You bet! You can go to other websites by clicking on a link. Just click on the Other Interesting Sites item in the Menu Bar. There are several  topics to choose from on this page including Garden Tips, Places To Visit & Member Websites.

Links are also found on posts and pages. Links on this site are almost always underlined. If you see something underlined, try clicking on it. It will bring you to another place!
Note: If you know of a website that might be of interest to club members, let the Webmaster know about it.


Ask the Webmaster or any member of the Website Committee! Don’t be afraid to try anything on the site. You won’t break it. Promise!


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Posting Comments & Other Functions

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