Guidelines for Hosting a Meeting

Sweets for the Sweet

What would our monthly meeting be without the coffee and yummy goodies?  All meetings at the Stratham Community Church, as you know, feature the popular coffee hour which is enjoyed by all.  This is all made possible by the Hospitality Crew & Coordinator.

To make this go smoothly, each month members are asked to volunteer to host the meeting. The Coordinator opens up the church hall and works with the crew to organize everything for the day. The Crew helps with all the set up and brings decor & food. With everyone chipping in, the set-up gets done lickety split! The list of crew members for every month are in the yearbook, which comes out each September, and on this website. Click for an online list

Any questions can be addressed to JoAn Walker or Sue Johnson who are the Hospitality Committee Co-Chairs.

Here’s how it all works:

Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Work with the crew to decide on a theme and who is providing a table cloth & centerpiece, cups & napkins and most importantly, the goodies! This can be done by email, phone or meeting.
  2. Prior to the meeting, if you have a list of items to restock, pick them up and bring them along. Expense receipts can be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement at the meeting.
  3. Arrive at 8:30 to open the church hall. Get the gear from our locked storage container in the closet using the key provided by the last coordinator. When you face the back of the hall (where the presenters are) the double closets are on the left.  The gear is in the closet and area closest to the back door. The gear consists of the coffee pot & instructions, a blue bag which houses the tea pot, coffee, sugar, tea, Splenda, stirrers, fake cream, hot chocolate and an orange bag which has plates, a table cloth, napkins and the like.
  4. Check the gear and see if anything needs to be restocked. The Hospitality Committee often checks as well, but just to be sure, take a look.
  5. After the meeting, give the keys (Church Hall & Storage Bin Lock) and, if necessary, a list of items to restock to the next Coordinator or for the upcoming month. (Give them to the Hospitality Committee chair if the next coordinator is not there.)

Crew Member Responsibilities

  1. If you can not make a meeting that you have volunteered to crew for, get a replacement for yourself and let the Coordinator know.
  2. Help come up with a fun theme idea.
  3. Show up at 8:30 on meeting day to set up the hall and help get the gear out.
  4. Bring your food item, centerpiece, etc.
  5. Help set up the hall on meeting day. This includes making coffee, setting the table and setting up chairs for the meeting.
  6. Help break down the hall by putting everything back in order and helping with the kitchen clean up after the presentation.

Sign up to be a Crew Member! Volunteer to be the Coordinator! Everyone will thank you –

‘Cause there’s nothing worse than a bunch of hungry women!