EAGC By-Laws


This club shall be known as the Exeter Area Garden Club.


To encourage interest in and knowledge of all phases of home gardening and floral design, and to promote civic beautification and the conservation of natural resources.


Section 1

Active Membership shall mean participation in at least one Club committee. Active Members also are expected to participate in Club projects and/or events throughout the year.

Associate Membership shall be available to those applicants who have been active members for at least eight (8) years and are recommended by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board. They shall have all the privileges enjoyed by Active Membership but shall be excused from participation in projects/committees.

Section 2

New members shall submit a dated application on a form provided by the Club, along with payment of dues, to the Membership Chair. The Membership Chair shall notify the Board of any new members at each Board meeting.


Annual dues shall be determined by the Board and approved by the members and are payable by the Annual Meeting.


Section 1

The Elected Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Board shall consist of the above Officers, the Immediate Past President, and the Chairpersons of standing committees.

Section 2

The Executive Board shall transact general business of the Club, consider all questions of policy, and present recommendations to the Club for action. The elected Officers shall be empowered to act in emergencies for the Board.

Section 3

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, shall call special meetings when necessary, and shall prepare an Annual Report for the Club’s archives.

Section 4

The Vice-President shall conduct the business of the Club in the absence of the President. If the Office of President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President to complete that term.

Section 5

The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of the General Meetings and of the meetings of the Executive Board.

Section 6

The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all correspondence pertaining to the Club and keep such records as are pertinent to the office.

Section 7

The Treasurer shall keep account of all monies received or expended and shall present a quarterly statement to the Executive Board and to the Club. Unbudgeted bills over $50.00 shall be approved by a majority of the Executive Board. The Annual Report to the Club shall be audited periodically by the Board.

The Treasurer shall be Chairperson of the Budget Committee, which shall prepare the Annual Budget, said Committee to consist of the President, Treasurer, Chairperson of the Program Committee, Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee, and such other Club Chairpersons as shall be deemed necessary. The budget shall be presented to the Board and the general membership for approval at the May meetings. The Treasurer and the President shall each be authorized to write checks for the Club. The Board may authorize the appointment of an Assistant Treasurer when deemed necessary.

Section 8

If a vacancy occurs on the Executive Board, the Board shall have the right to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term.


Section 1

The Standing Committees shall be: Awards, Budget, Civic Beautification, Design, Environment & Conservation, Herb, Horticulture, Hospitality, Membership, Newsletter, Nominating, Program, Public Relations, Ways and Means, Web Manager and Yearbook.
Section 2

Projects undertaken by the Club shall first be approved by the Board.

Section 3

The Nominating Committee, consisting of a Chair and four other members, shall be selected by the Executive Board in January.  The Nominating Committee Chair should currently serve, or previously have served, on the Board.

The Committee shall submit a single slate of officers to the Executive Board and the Club one month prior to election. All persons whose names are submitted shall first have consented to serve if elected.


Section 1

General Meetings shall be held on the third Thursday, and Board Meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of each month, September through June, except December.

Section 2

Attendance shall be taken at all General Meetings.

Section 3

The Annual Meeting shall be held in June.


Election of Officers shall be held in May from a slate prepared by the Nominating Committee. Nominations from the floor shall be solicited by the President, and if there are none, the acceptance of the Nominating Committee report shall constitute the election. Officers shall be installed at the Annual Meeting in June.


Section 1

A quorum of the members at a meeting shall be one-fourth of the membership.

Section 2

A quorum of the Board shall be seven (7) members.


Roberts’ Rules of Order, Revised shall be the authority governing this Club in business procedures not covered by the By-Laws.


These By-Laws shall be reviewed every five (5) years by a By-Laws Committee of five (5) or more and may be amended at any General Meeting of the Club by a two thirds vote of those present, provided the proposed amendments have been submitted at the previous Board meeting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The following are Job Descriptions for Officers and Chairpersons and include tasks and expectations pertaining to their positions. These descriptions are to be used as a guide for the officeholder in accomplishing the elected or appointed position.

The current Chairperson(s) of each committee shall provide an updated, detailed job description of his or her last year of service and pass it to the succeeding Chairperson(s) by the June luncheon.


In addition to the duties described in the By-Laws, the President shall:
Preside over all Board and General Meetings.
Prepare a written agenda for each Board meeting.
Serve as a member of the Budget Committee.
Provide for notification of  Board members of the date and location of Board meetings.


The Vice-President shall:
Conduct the business of the Club in the absence of the President. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of President.
Oversee the updating of Committee Job Descriptions by outgoing Chairs and their transfer to incoming Chairs by the June luncheon.


The Recording Secretary shall:
Keep records of Executive Board and General Meetings and shall be custodian of all minutes for the preceding three years.
Take attendance at Board meetings.
Record the minutes at both Board and General Meetings.
Email the minutes of the Board and General Meetings to all members of the Board. Requests from non-Board members to view the Board minutes shall be submitted to the Recording Secretary, who will present the requests to the Board.
Include in the minutes all actions taken by the Board.
Forward email messages to the General Membership on behalf of the Club. These messages shall be limited to Club business only and subject to approval by the Board.


The Corresponding Secretary shall:
Write all notes of condolence or appreciation, respond to all invitations, and answer written requests for information.
Keep a log of such correspondence.
Write letters of acceptance to new members.
Purchase Memorials upon recommendation of the Board.
Give pertinent correspondence to the Public Relations Chairperson.
Keep copies of such letters as are necessary for Club reference and turn over such papers as are pertinent to his or her successor.


The Treasurer shall:
Be authorized by the Board to appoint an Assistant Treasurer when deemed necessary.
Inform the Bank of any change in the Treasurer’s or President’s name and provide any necessary signatures.
Keep all financial records and present a quarterly statement to the Board and to the General Membership.
Submit all non-budgeted requests for amounts of more than $50 to the Executive Board for approval.
Serve as Chairperson of the Budget Committee, which shall prepare a budget showing proposed expenditures and anticipated income and present it to the Board and the General Membership for approval in May.
Pay all bills that are accompanied by a signed voucher.
Collect dues and account for all other income received by members designated to accept such and record this under the proper committee (i.e. Ways and Means, Membership, etc.)
Present an Annual Report at the September meetings.


Serve as the Chairperson of the Awards Committee, which shall:
Be kept aware of all state and national awards available within the scope of the programs of the Exeter Area Garden Club, making sure that the committees are notified of awards appropriate to such committees.
Maintain and update a handbook on awards to be passed on to succeeding chairpersons.
Notify the Public Relations Chairperson of all awards given and received by the Club.
Be responsible for the choice of recipients of commercial, community, and/or membership awards.


Serve as Chairperson of the Civic Beautification Committee, which shall:
Make plans for future community projects and present them to the Board for recommendation to the membership.
Oversee the purchase of necessary materials and direct the projects undertaken by the Club.
Recruit “hands on” working members to plant, maintain, and dismantle projects.
Promote co-operation with the communities and with community officials.


Serve as Chairperson of the Design Committee, which shall:
Offer design programs for the membership.
Recruit attendees.
Secure a meeting place.
Collect fees to cover expenses at the time of sign-up.


Serve as Chairperson of the Environment and Conservation Committee, which shall:
Keep the membership informed on current environmental issues and of any actions which might be appropriate for members to take.
Encourage members to report to the Club on individual efforts at conservation.
Recommend one or more qualified candidates for a scholarship in environmental studies.
Be responsible for suggesting program ideas to the Program Chairperson.


Serve as Chairperson of the Herb Committee, which shall:
Select a person, or persons, to present a series of programs for the membership
Recruit attendees.
Secure the meeting place.
Collect any necessary fees.


Serve as Chairperson of the hospitality Committee, which shall:
Secure a site for all General Meetings.
Provide a host or hostess for all General Meetings.
Chair the committee for the Annual Meeting.
Give the names of the monthly hosts and hostesses to the Yearbook Chairperson for inclusion in the Yearbook by July 1 and to the Program Chairperson for each meeting.


Serve as Chairperson of the Horticulture Committee, which shall:
Give horticultural information and instruction to the members through announcements at meetings, workshops, and/or in the newsletter and website.
Keep members informed of pertinent programs or courses available in the state or area.
Encourage members to share horticultural information and their experiences.
Be responsible for suggesting program ideas to the Program Chairperson.


Serve as Chairperson of the Membership Committee, which shall:
Maintain a database of all members and provide updated database information to the Recording Secretary on an ongoing basis, and to the Yearbook Chair before fall publication.
Take attendance at all General Meetings.
Keep a record of each member’s date of joining the Club.
Make available applications for prospective members, inform the Board as new members join, and welcome new members at the General Meeting.
Advise the Corresponding Secretary of new members, for the issuance of a letter of acceptance, and advise the Newsletter Chair of new members to be added to the distribution list.
Make sure that each new member has selected at least one committee in which to participate and provide the selected Committee Chair with the new member’s name and contact information.
Provide each new member with a copy of the Bylaws and a current Yearbook.
Have name tags available for guests and members at each meeting.
Suggest to guests that, after attending two meetings in any year, they should apply for membership.


As editor of Dig This, the duties include:
Solicit a message from the President and articles from all pertinent Committee Chairs for each issue.
List the dates and whereabouts of any events that might be of interest to Club members.
Prepare and email Dig This to all members in the months of September, November, January, March and May.
Provide a copy of Dig This to the Web Manager, for inclusion on the website.


In January, the Board shall appoint a Chairperson and four members to serve as the Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall:
Submit a single slate of officers to the Executive Board and the General Membership in April for election in May.
Suggest names for chairpersons of the standing committees for appointment by the President. (Note that the Committee should recommend to the President a Program Chairperson by March 1, so that person can be appointed in time to start early on planning the next year’s programs.)


The Program Committee Chairperson shall:
Arrange and schedule monthly events for the coming year and inform the Editor of the Yearbook.
Schedule and contract for the speakers and submit this information to the Treasurer for payment.
Make necessary arrangements for the speaker’s presentation, in the form of display tables, visual aids, and room preparation.
Welcome speakers on arrival and introduce them prior to their presentation.
Provide to the Public Relations Chairperson information for inclusion in publicity releases.
Provide a copy of the schedule of monthly events to the Editor of Dig This and the Web Manager.
Write “thank you” notes to program speakers, if appropriate.


Serve as Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee, which shall:
Prepare news releases and publicity, including photos where appropriate, and submit these to the local press and radio stations.
Keep a historical record of the Club’s activities and meetings and store these records at the Exeter Historical Society.


Serve as Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee, which shall:
Devise various ways of raising money to support the budget and present these ideas and recommendations to the Board for approval and activation.
Be responsible for implementing fund raising projects.


As manager of the Club website, shall:
Maintain and update the website as needed.
Regularly check for messages sent to the Club via the website and respond to them or forward them to the appropriate person.
Arrange for the payment of fees for the website domain name and hosting.


Serve as Chairperson of the Yearbook Committee, which shall:
Begin after the Annual Meeting in June to assemble facts for the annual Yearbook.
Request from various committee chairpersons all pertinent information for inclusion in the Yearbook.
Have the Yearbook printed and ready for distribution at the September meeting. Provide to the Membership Chairperson copies of the Yearbook for distribution to members.

By-Laws Revision Committee

  • LuAnn Faber, Chairperson
  • Susan Canada
  • Denise Landis
  • Melanie McGrail
  • Nancy Peterson

Revised  August 2010

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