Dig This! is the EAGC bi-monthly Club Newsletter. In it you will find club news and articles of interest.

Click on any Dig This! issue to view and/or download in a printable PDF format. It is not published in July & August, so no, the issue is not missing!

2013-2014 Season

March/April 2014                                 September/October 2013

January/February 2014                      November/December 2013


2012-2013 Season

May/June 2013

March/April 2013                                    September/October 2012

January/February 2013                         November-December 2012


2011-2012 Season

May/June 2012

March/April 2012                                     September/October 2011

January/February 2012                          November/December 2011       

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