Job Description – Design & Programs Committee Chairperson

The Design & Programs Committee Chairperson offers design workshops for the membership. The committee plans and executes these programs, which may include a fall or a winter design workshop and a spring design workshop. The chairperson reserves a location in advance.

The chairperson and committee organize a spring general meeting presentation, currently “Artful Arrangers.” This presentation usually includes club members who are asked to participate by the chairperson and committee. The theme is chosen by the committee. The design committee is expected to help with the set up and clean up.

The Design & Programs chairperson is expected to attend as many board meetings as possible and to inform the board of any upcoming events or activities. Dates of events and photos will be sent to the web manager for inclusion on the website. The budget for the Design Committee is determined by input of the chairperson and the board.

The Design & Program Committee Chairperson arranges and schedules monthly events and speakers for the coming year while staying within the budget provided by the board. The chair informs the editor of the yearbook of the program schedule in August.

The chairperson enters into a contract with each speaker and submits this information to the treasurer for payment. The Program chairperson makes necessary arrangements for the speakers’ presentations in the form of display tables, visual aids, and room preparation. It is the chairman’s responsibility to gather pictures and biographical information on the speakers for the web manager and the public relations chairperson.

At the general meetings, the chair welcomes the speaker on arrival and introduces him/her to the members prior to the presentation. It is the duty of the Program chairperson to confirm the speaker’s attendance; if necessary, to set up and take down the screen and window coverings; to send a written note via email or mail thanking each speaker; to review each speaker; and to gather suggestions and recommendations from the membership to ensure we have entertaining, informative and unique presentations. This will serve to inspire, educate and serve as a resource tool to enhance public image and recruitment of new EAGC members.The chair is expected to attend as many board meetings as possible during the club year.

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