Hampton Falls Garden Tour

Local Color!

by Maxine Forward

On Sunday, I went on the Hampton Falls Garden Tour which benefited the Hampton Falls Free Library and Seacoast Youth Services. It was a beautiful day and so were the 10 gardens I visited. EAGC member, Abbie Jane owned one of the featured gardens. It was my personal favorite, although I was digging the flamingos that were lounging in another bed. Here are some snaps. All sites are represented.

Lovely Flower Box

Orchid-Like Flowers in a Tree

View From The Barn

Fey House

Growing Swiss Chard in a Container

A Collection of Mini Hosta

A Rare Shell Flower

Wall of Flowers

Flower Brights

Funny Little Monkey

Beautiful Blue Planter

Fragrant Roses

Relaxing Water Feature

Flamingos Traipsing Through The Lady’s Mantle

Whitest White Dogwood

This Stacked Wood Looks Like a Giant Pine Cone

Periwinkle Chairs To Ease Into

Pretty Foilage

Garden Diner

Fountain in a Formal Garden

Iris Are My Favorite Flowers

Tea Time

Clivia Sports its Orange Beauties

Angel With A Bouquet



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