Bee House Buzz

Bee HouseDiana reports that the orchard bees have found her bee house, which is pretty cool. She is happy to have them and wonders if anyone else had luck with theirs?
You can find fun items like this fantastic bee house from our very own Promise Tree!
September is nearly here and so is the start of another season with the Garden Club. This year Max and Connie are caretaking the Promise Tree. We are hoping that you will find some great items and services to both buy and donate.
Visit the Promise Tree page on our website to see what is offered so far. Please let Max or Connie know what you might have to donate or what you would like to have!
Here are some ideas for donations:
Show Tickets
Craft Items
Offer to help out with gardens
Yummy Food
Teach a class – art, cooking, etc.
Gardening books or tools
Have a luncheon or party
Pick a destination and organize a trip to it
Plan a walk
Have a quilting or yarn party
Make holiday ornaments with friends
What ever you can think of, really….
It is a wonderful way to meet friends and enjoy the club.

Tomato Hornworm Invasion

20140803_082952I have seen signs of tomato hornworms on my tomatoes. Dead and dying stems are the sure sign that they are invading. But today I discovered one of the invaders! It turns out that he is being invaded by his own attackers: a small wasp that is taking over and consuming his body. I was very happy to see all these little white eggs on his back when I discovered him today. As these hatch more will be available to help take care of any other tomato hornworms that may be lurking. This is one of the reasons I do not use chemicals on my plants to take care of pests, mother nature can do a pretty good job on her own if you just give her a chance!  Patti