Why You Should Join

The Top Ten Reasons

 You Want to Be an EACG Member

10. Give back to your community by helping to make the area a greener and more beautiful  place to live. 

  9. Take a field trip to a nursery or garden you’ve never seen before.

 8. Make something beautiful for your home with our design workshops.

 7. Learn something new from our guest speakers, informational programs, and website.

  6. Have a bite to eat and share recipes on the website! We have a fine appreciation for the culinary arts.

 5. Take advantage of horticultural expertise from our Master Gardeners.

 4. Meet new people at social events like the Holiday Luncheon and Promise Tree offerings.

  3.  Share information with like-minded gardeners in person and on our interactive website.

 2. Improve your own garden by buying member-donated plants at the Annual Plant Auction.

  1. Have FUN!  We are a group of very friendly gardeners.

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