2012 Commissioner’s Award

During the year the EAGC celebrated four decades of gardening, it is fitting that our 2012 year began with the New Hampshire Association of Fairs and Expos giving the club the Department of Agriculture Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Agricultural Promotion, an award that EAGC received for its display at the 2012 Stratham Fair.

At each of the New Hampshire Fairs one display is selected that best promotes agriculture and New Hampshire’s rural lifestyle and heritage. The Stratham Fair is the first of the New Hampshire fair season and we were very proud to receive this distinctive award.

Our display consisted of posters and information that was presented by various committees at our regular meetings – a tribute to the excitement and knowledge that our members bring to our club. Our offering was chosen because it was “a colorful display explaining what the club is all about, along with their interesting list of community service activities. ‘How To’s’ are all presented on how to grow garlic and thyme, create a butterfly/hummingbird planter, tips on weeding and facts on native frogs and toads. Actual displays or pictures are placed throughout the display.”


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