2014 Herb of the Year



The 2014 choice for the Herb of the Year is actually a large and diverse group of plants: the Artemisias.

They include tarragon, one of the finest and most important ingredients in French cuisine, Sweet Annie that is the source of a medicine crucially important for the prevention and treatment of malaria, and bitter wormwood which is the defining ingredient of vermouth (without which the martini could not exist!)

Man’s connection to the artemisias goes back a long way.  They are found growing in large expanses throughout the world undoubtedly caught the eyes of early hunters and gatherers.  According to the Greek myths, Artemis, the goddess of the wilderness and of the hunt, gave the power of the plant to Chiron the Centaur who was a great healer and teacher.  It was Chiron who developed the first medicines from artemisia.


The many silver or grey artemisias can help create a beautiful, serene effect on the landscape.  The artemisias are very hardy, drought tolerant, and adapt well to most garden situations.

This excerpt was taken from the Richters 2014 Herb and Vegetable Catalog.
from Patti Ewell
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  1. I love these plants and have several. They are low maintenance, look beautiful in arrangements, soft to the touch, practically perfect. Good choice, I think.

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